All Punch Cards In Fortnite Season 3All Punch Cards In Fortnite Season 3

Punch Cards are a new metric in Fortnite season 3. Here are all the available punch cards and an explanation of how they work. The newest season of Fortnite is finally here and it brings along plenty of gameplay changes. The first of these changes being small changes to the map, as plenty of the landscape is buried underwater. Also, a new battle pass with challenges and prizes never-before-seen in the series. The new skins for the battle pass consist of characters with mysterious backstories, a scuba diver with a dream to see the deep ocean, and a tiny kitten controlling a robotic skin suit. Aquaman from DC comic also makes an appearance as a playable skin for players to unlock through the battle pass. Although, one of the biggest changes comes along with the Punch Cards. This new feature adds another layer of gameplay to Fortnite and this guide will explain what it is and how to earn them.Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

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Punch Cards are essentially exactly what they sound like. When someone is a frequent customer to an establishment, it is likely the establishment will reward the customer for their loyalty by giving them a Punch Card. Every time the customer returns, they will receive a hole punch for their punch card. Once the punch card is full, the customer can trade it in for a special free prize. This is essentially the same v bucks generator thing they are doing in Fortnite. Punch Cards are unlocked by participating in games and playing as normal. The game will actively reward players for coming back and diving in. While in a game, players are likely to do tasks like shoot, build, swim, jump, and kill enemies. A Punch Card stamp will appear every time a player unlocks one of these punch cards. The player can keep track of each Punch Card in the Battle Pass menu before selecting a game. Although, there are 49 different Punch Cards the player can claim. Here are all the punch cards in Fortnite season 3.

Punch Cards are unlocked by completing tasks during a game. The player will be rewarded for completing tasks like killing enemies with specific weapons or landing in specific locations. The player can get a massive amount of experience for completing a Punch Card. Here are all the Punch Cards for the season.

Punch Cards are a neat way to keep players returning to Fortnite. Even though the battle pass is full of challenges to complete, this adds an entirely new element for players who wish to level up quickly. This is really great for players who want to reach level 100 and get all the unlockables in between. Fortnite has remained as one of the world’s most popular games because of it. The neat feature about Fortnite is the ability to purchase a battle pass without spending any money. Players can earn their V bucks by completing challenges and rising up in the ranks. Although, it is a bit easier if the player has already purchased one battle pass in the past. If the player plays the season enough, they can complete challenges and rank up to earn V bucks. So many V bucks, they have enough saved for the next seasons battle pass. It’s an excellent business model that rewards players for returning back to Fortnite without requiring that they spend any money. Although, players who return to Fortnite often are likely to spend the money anyway. They look forward to supporting the company behind the game if it means they can flex their new and polished skin sets. While it may be intimidating to jump back into the game for so long, a new season marks a new beginning so now is the perfect time to jump back into the world of Fortnite.